Tucker speaks at National Committee on US-China Relations
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Please click the links to listen: https://soundcloud.com/ncuscr/dr-joe-tucker-sexual-health-china

In this episode of the National Committee's PROFILES podcast series, Vice President Jan Berris interviews Dr. Joe Tucker, an infectious diseases physician who researches innovative ways to combat STDs like HIV/AIDS and syphilis in China. Here Dr. Tucker talks about combining his interests in China and medicine, his work using crowdsourcing to improve public health in southern China, and how healthcare in China has changed since he first arrived there. Dr. Joe Tucker is UNC associate professor of medicine, director of UNC Project-China, chairman of SESH Global, and associate professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Dr. Tucker is part of the first cohort of the National Committee's Public Intellectuals Program (PIP), which is designed to enhance connections between the next generation of China specialists, policymakers, and the American public.

For more information about NCUSCR's Public Intellectuals Program: www.ncuscr.org/pip

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