Generosity in the face of coronavirus: An open call

Have you benefited from the unanticipated generosity during the coronavirus outbreak? Are you motivated by the generosity of others? Our team is interested in hearing your story and sharing it with the community. 

We are organizing an open call to identify stories, big and small, of generosity during the coronavirus epidemic. We are interested in small ways that people have helped each other, in addition to bigger ways that institutions/organizations have made formal donations. 

We do this for two reasons – to help curate and shine a light on the small acts of kindness that have not been recognized; and to provide clearer information on formal ways that organizations are helping people during this time. Selected submissions will be curated and celebrated on social media. 

                 Guideline for contributions



Anyone is eligible to contribute. Contributions can be in any language, but English and Chinese are preferred. 

Two types of contributions are accepted: 

(1) generosity of an individual

(2) generosity of an organization

Format Options

  • ​Texts (less than 500 words);
  • Images (high-resolution, if possible, but less than 5 MB, with text to explain the image);
  • Video (less than 1 minute).

​Judging Criteria​    ​

All submissions will be judged based on the following criteria: 

(1) provides a clear description of generosity that is directly related to COVID-19

(2) captures generosity in a compelling way (by generosity, we mean kindness towards humans); 

(3) capacity for public sharing in diverse settings (sharable and deliverable, i.e., could this message be easily understood in many contexts).

                 Steering Committee (In alphabetical order)

Wenfeng Gong, PhD

Gates Fellow at Bill & Melida Gates Foundation

Larry Han
Director of Strategy at SESH

Jingjing Li, MA

Resear Assitant & Project Coordinator at SESH

Lenora Chu

Journalist & Author of Little Soldiers

Jie Fan, MBA

Senior Administrator at SESH

Eneyi Kpokiri, PhD

Pharmacist & Researcher at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Huanyu Bao

Communication Officer at SESH

Dan Wu, PhD

Clinical Researcher at London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

Weiming Tang


Professor & Assistant Director of SESH

Alexander Ng, MBChB, MPH
Vice President of Tencent Healthcare

Yuan Xiong, MSW

Research Assistant at SESH

Joseph Tucker, MD, PhD, AM

Physician, Professor & Chairman of SESH

Selina Lo, PhD

Consulting Editor at The Lancet, Senior Research Fellow at Monash Sustainable Development Institute

Shufang Wei, MA

Communication Director at SESH


Individuals who have exceptional submissions will receive a commendation from the steering committee. Selected finalists will be celebrated on social media and through online networks. Exceptional stories will be considered by James Chau for inclusion in a China Current video or podcast about generosity during the coronavirus.


All submissions will be due on April 5th. Submissions will be reviewed by at least three independent judges. Additional details about the act of generosity may be requested prior to final decisions. All those who submit will be notified about judging results before the end of April.

                 Submit your contributions below



1. What is an open call?

Open calls provide a structured mechanism to solicit diverse feedback over a period of time. Open calls have been widely used by governments, private foundations, and others to spur innovation. More details about open contests for health are available here.

2. Do I need permission from the individual who was generous to submit the story?

If the individual who was generous can be identified through the submission, then you should obtain permission from them to submit and share the story. This permission can be verbal.

3. Who is supporting this open call?

This open call is organized by SESH Global.

4. Can I contribute multiple submission?

Yes. If you have multiple stories of generosity, you can submit multiple submissions.

5. Do I need to be in a specific place to participate?

No. We accept submissions from anywhere that has been impacted by COVID-19.

6. Can I submit something without providing my name?

Yes. This is acceptable, although we may need to contact you to follow up and vet some of the key aspects of the story, with the assurance that your anonymity would be guaranteed.



Contact our open call coordinator at

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SESH Global

SESH (Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health) Global is a partnership between universities focused on using crowdsourcing methods to improve health. SESH was founded in 2012 and has organized over 70 crowdsourcing challenge contests. SESH is part of the TDR Social Innovation in Health Initiative.