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Calling for Host Organization for an Open Call on Imagine the World Anew: 

​​​A Call for Youth Voices on COVID-19 in Malaysia


The global COVID-19 pandemic has transformed our lives, providing an opportunity to re-imagine the future. Yet COVID-19 responses to date have been mostly expert-driven by central authorities, limiting the extent to which youth have active involvement. Thus, there is a need for a platform to engage the youth in a more meaningful and practical way as we journey towards the new normal. To mobilize large numbers of youth to inform national and regional COVID-19 health policy and innovations, the WHO Western Pacific Regional Office is partnering with SESH, Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health, to launch a program called: “Imagine the World Anew: A Call for Youth Voices on COVID-19 in Malaysia.” This would provide an opportunity for Malaysian youth to generate and share ideas to inform programs and policies. This will include communications (e.g., developing COVID-19 messages for youth), futures thinking (e.g., imagining life in Malaysia in 2050), and social innovation (e.g., youth-led social innovations in Malaysia). 

Commissioned by the WHO Western Pacific Region, SESH seeks to shortlist organizations to act as a Host Organization for the project and SESH is providing technical and organizational support. Potential Host Organizations may include universities, non-profit organizations, youth organizations or other not-for-profit groups. 


We encourage all organizations to consider applying. Successful candidates should possess the following minimum qualifications:

a) Be physically located in Malaysia and have strong partnerships with key organizations related to youth, health, and universities in Malaysia 

b) Demonstrated experience in organizing online youth activities 

c) Strong relationships with potential steering committee members, judges, and participants

Method of cooperation and payment 

The host organization shall work under the supervision of SESH. The host organization will regularly communicate with SESH to report the progress of the project. The selected Host Organization would receive a contract worth USD12,000 (Twelve thousand dollars) to enable it to organize the activities described below.

Deliverables and reporting

The The project will focus on the following deliverables:

1) Assemble a national steering committee in Malaysia to organize the open call and digital designathon. A designathon is similar to a hackathon in terms of promoting innovation over a short period of time, but focused on generating a design advance rather than a technological advance.

2) Organize an open call for submissions from Malaysian youth (categories include COVID-19 messages for youth, youth ideas about 2050, and youth-led social innovation)

3) Organize a digital designathon to revise ideas with finalists and steering committee members

4) Write a report to inform policy and programs in the nation and region


Deliverable 1: Assemble a national steering committee in Malaysia to provide advice on the open call and designathon 

​- The steering committee will meet on a monthly basis and could include UN agencies, NGOs, local community members, health professionals, youth organization leaders, and futurists. Futurists are individuals who facilitate discussions about imagining the future, not predicting it. 
- ​The steering committee will contribute to judging of submissions and participate in the designathon. 

​Deliverable 2: Organize an open call for submissions

​- The Host will help to revise the call for submissions and obtain youth feedback about the style, format, and will be constantly promote the open call through different social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter). Potential open call categories include the following: imagining the future (open-ended responses on living in Malaysia in 2050); imagining key issues in youth lives in 2050 (work, school, family, health); COVID-19 social innovations led by youth; broad messages for COVID-19 behavior change among youth in Malaysia. People who submit exceptional ideas will be invited to take part in the subsequent digital designathon.
​​- List of youth opportunities for co-creation with renowned artists, authors, and creatives from Malaysia.

Deliverable 3: Organize a digital designathon

​- Plan the digital designathon as a series of videoconferences and, if possible, participatory events to engage youth
​- Public-facing livestream in addition to individualized mentoring for selected youth. Exceptional submissions in the social innovation category will be connected to mentors and provided support for research.
​- Assessment of participant experiences.

Deliverable 4: Reporting, analysis and production

​- Analysis and production of summarizing process (develop a draft report that summarizes the findings from the crowdsourcing contest)
​- Report on key insights, lessons learned and feedback, and recommendations.
- Contribute to writing a report summarizing the process.

​​For more details, please see the Terms of Reference

    Application Procedure

    If you are interested in this project, please fill out the Application Form below by November 15, 2020(Manila Time). We may contact you for more information about your organization.Organizations that are not selected to be host will be considered for the Steering Committee. A final decision is expected by end of Nov 2020, and thereafter a proxy agreement will be made.  

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      If you have any questions, please email project coordinator: 

      Xiaoling Qiu:

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        The World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office (WHO - WPRO), located in Manila, the Philippines, represents WHO in the Asia Pacific. Its purpose is to lead the regional response to public health issues on all fr The World Health Organization Western Pacific Regional Office (WHO - WPRO), located in Manila, the Philippines, represents WHO in the Asia Pacific. Its purpose is to lead the regional response to public health issues on all fronts onts - medical, technical, socio-economic, cultural, legal and political - towards the achievement of WHO's global health mission. (


          The Social Innovation in Health Initiative (SIHI) is a network of passionate individuals and institutions combining their skills and resources in support of key activities to advance social innovation in health in developing countries, with the ultimate goal to achieve the sustainable development goals and improve the lives of communities in low- and middle-income countries. ( 


            The SESH team is focused on using crowdsourcing to improve health. We have implemented more than 80 crowdsourcing contests, including 14 global contests. Five randomized controlled trials from our team suggest that crowdsourcing can effectively engage communities and solicit effective entries. Our team was invited by the WHO Global Hepatitis Programme to organize a hepatitis testing contest.  This project solicited short descriptions of hepatitis B and C testing programs. Sixteen entries were sufficiently compelling to be included as best practice cases in the 2017 WHO Hepatitis Testing Guidelines. We also worked in partnership with the Lancet commission on healthy cities in China to solicit ideas about local action for healthy cities. Our team was commissioned by WHO/TDR to create a practical guide on crowdsourcing for health and health research. (