Research Assistant Recruitment/Joint Project of SESH and Zhuhai CDC


SESH introduction

The SESH("Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health") is a joint project between the Southern Medical University Dermatology Hospital and the University of North Carolina's China Project Office. The main purpose of the project is to use the “crowdsourcing competition” to inspire and create more creative, fair and effective health services. “Crowdsourcing” is a process in which a group solves a problem together and shares the resulting solution with the public. It usually takes the form of an open competition and eventually brings together different ideas. Our mission is to use the wisdom of the masses to design creative, fair and effective health services.


Main Responsibilities

Main responsibilities include assistance with project design and implementation, data gathering and analysis, and report and research article writing.


Basic Requirement:

1. Have a master’s degree or above in public health, communication, sociology, social work, or other related disciplines;

2. Excellent interpersonal communication and organization skills;

3. Professional proficiency in Chinese and English;

4. Ability to work with minimal supervision in a busy clinical setting;

5. Friendly to the LGBTQ crowd.


Priority Condition

1. Experience in coordination or research in areas of public health and sexual health, such as HIV, STD, etc.

2. Experience in Chinese clinical research.

3. Overseas studying or working experience

4. TOEFL 90/IELTS 6.5 and above.


Working Place

Zhuhai City, Guangdong Province of the People’s Republic of China.


Salary and other benefits

Salary negotiable.


Job Prospect

You will get a good career start.

1. Rich research experience, including but not limited to survey design, project implementation, data analysis and article writing; as a research assistant, you will have the opportunity to participate in national and global research projects;

2. Strong tutor and peer support in scientific research, including letters of recommendation, application for consultation abroad, school selection, application for revision of documents, etc.;

3. Opportunity to participate in academic exchange meetings at home and abroad such as IAS, IUSTI, APACC;

4. Cooperation projects between international organizations and well-known universities at home and abroad (such as WHO, UNC, etc.);

5. A multi-national work platform, the members of the SESH team are from well-known universities at home and abroad (such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, Cambridge, Harvard, etc.), and the team atmosphere is young, lively and positive; and

6. Most of the research assistants, under the training of the SESH team, went to the top TOP50 schools in the world for postgraduate and postdoctoral research.


Talent training mechanism

1. The University of North Carolina China Project Office provides online training on relevant courses; and

2. Global Leaders as Line Instructors, Tailored Work Development Programs.


Glorious future

SESH can provide a platform large enough to make you have a chance to find a combination that is both in line with your own interests and that can drive the development of SESH. As long as you do your best to do your job, SESH will give you enough recognition to let you fully bloom your abilities.


If a job gives you an ideal salary, then you have a reason to apply;

If a job gives you a never-ending development, then you have reason to work there for a long time;

If a job can make you feel that this is a meaningful job every day, then you have reason to work hard for it all your life.

SESH won't be your destination, but SESH can be your starting point!



Please send your resume in Chinese and English, a cover letter to annafan@seshglobal.org (Title format: Project _Research Assistant_Name)

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