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Over the years TDR has contributed to the development of a global community of leaders and agents of change who have brought epidemiology and research to the field and to the places where decisions and policies for health are developed, implemented and assessed. 

TDR Global refers to the community of passionate scientists and experts working with TDR to support global research on infectious diseases of poverty. TDR Global, in partnership with Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health (SESH) is organizing an open call for stories about how TDR has influenced you as a person or a professional. How have you grown from your TDR experience as a researcher, mentee or mentor? Would you like to nominate someone who has received TDR support over their career to be recognized? TDR is collecting this information to learn where it can improve, to share your success stories with the world, and to learn about its impact in different settings.

Guidelines for contributions are described below. The deadline for contributions is May 1st, 2020. TDR Global and SESH Global are the main organizers of this contest. By submitting your story, you are giving TDR express permission to share it publicly (TDR will use a creative commons license and a standard TDR disclosure), and the finalists will be posted on TDR Global website if they are approved by the standard TDR processes.  

                 Guideline for contributions


Any member of TDR Global is eligible to participate. The contribution should focus on how TDR has helped  a person’s personal or professional life. This description could be focused on you or on someone else as part of a nomination process. Although we encourage entries by women and scientists from low- and middle-income countries, all entries are welcome and will be assessed bt the same standards

We recognize that members of the TDR Global Community may take multiple roles in their communities and use the tools they developed to address health systems issues of a different nature. Applications can reflect diverse roles in which the skills and competencies, and work with TDR influences health, development or wellbeing


​Language for the contributions

We will accept submissions in any language, but have a preference for English submissions.

​​Contribution Format Options

  • ​Texts (less than 500 words);
  • Images (high-resolution, if possible, but less than 5 MB, with text to explain the image);
  • Video (less than 1 minute).


​Judging Criteria​    ​
  • Clear demonstration of how working with TDR enhanced the participants’ personal or professional development
  • The potential of inspiring the engagement in TDR Global network
  • Relevant to TDR

  * Text submissions, images and videos will be evaluated compared to other submissions in their own category.


Verification of the entries​  

Since the finalists are very likely to be disseminated publicly through TDR Global channels, we anticipate that all the submitted entries are true stories. Once the semi-finalists are selected, the people who submitted contributions will be asked to enter a short survey to confirm some aspects of their entries (The semi-finalists will be reached in late April).


  • The deadline of call for submission is May 1st, 2020, the entries submitted after the deadline will not be considered. 
  • All people who submit will be notified in May


We will award a total of 1000 USD in prizes. Each contribution will be evaluated by at least three independent individuals. Final decisions about prizes will be made by the steering committee, based on number of finalists that thee steering committee selected. Examples of previous prizes include an amount towards conference travel. Selected finalists may be showcased on the TDR website.

Finalists and awardees will be recognized in the TDR Global public section and may be invited to record a clip with their story,  pending approval by TDR Global and the communications team.

                 If you are submitting your own story, click here.



If you are nominating another person to be considered, click here.

We understand that many qualified people may not have time to self-nominate. If you know someone whose career has been impacted by TDR, you can nominate them here.


                 Steering Committee (In alphabetical order)

Huanyu Bao, Franklin Glozah, Makiko Kitamura, Mary Ann Lansang, Weiming Tang (Chair), Joseph Tucker, and Shufang Wei.


1. What is a case challenge?

A case challenge is an open contest to solicit worthy stories or cases. Open contests have been widely used by governments, private foundations, and others to spur creativity. More details about open contests for health are available here.


2. Who is supporting this contest?

This contest is organized by TDR Global and SESH Global. The contest and the information related to this contest are owned by TDR.


3. What’s an example of an exceptional photo?

We do not provide examples in the spirit of fostering creativity. However, the photo should be action-oriented and linked to the global health experience.


4. Do the people in the photo or video have to be affiliated to TDR?

No, they do not need to be, however, the person submitting the photo must have their written acceptance for submitting the photo. 


5. How do I take a quality photo or a video on a mobile phone?

Instructions and tips can be found online.

Here are two references to get started –

Video - here 

Photo - here


6. Is there a limit to the number of contributions?

No, there is no limit. One person can submit multiple submissions. This could include a text, video, or image. One submission could be focused on their personal life and one on professional life.


7. Does the image need to have “TDR” in it?

No, the images do not need to have “TDR” in them. 

8. What kind of copyright will be used for the contents of the photos and stories?

We will share the finalists with the world, aimed to promote further TDR Global training programs.

9. What happens after nomination? 

We will request more information from the person who was nominated and discuss the nomination within the TDR Global group. 


Contact our contest coordinator at

                  Partner Organizations 

TDR Global

TDR, the Special Programme for Research and Training in Tropical Diseases, is a global programme of scientific collaboration that helps coordinate, support and influence global efforts to combat infectious diseases of poverty. Established in 1975, TDR is co-sponsored by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), and is hosted at WHO. For more information, visit TDR Global is a community of passionate scientists and experts working with TDR to support global research on infectious diseases of poverty.


SESH Global

SESH, Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health, is a partnership between universities focused on using crowdsourcing methods to improve health. SESH was founded in 2012 and had organized over 70 crowdsourcing challenge contests. SESH partnered with TDR to organize the Women Leaders in Global Health Challenge in 2018.