The SESH project (Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health) is a collaboration between the Dermatology Hospital of Southern Medical University and the University of North Carolina China Programme Office. The main objective of the project is to use "crowdsourcing competitions" to inspire the creation of more creative, equitable and effective health services.

Our Mission
To use the wisdom of the people to design health services that are creative, equitable and effective.
To develop crowdsourced tools such as innovative competitions that can be used to improve health services to build a local multi-sectoral network that will resonate and empower people - especially key influencers. Evaluate the impact of competitions run by Seth to assess effectiveness and fairness.

We believe that there are core values that SESH implementers need to embrace.
Core Values
   - Equity: primary championing of the equitable distribution of health services among population groups.
    - Shared vision: having positioned partners and shared goals
    - Empowerment: placing agency in the hands of local populations and community groups
    - Networking: moving away from the traditional vertically organised model of sexual health services to provide a platform for horizontal collaboration and communication such as a forum.
    - Impartiality: partners and standard processes are underpinned by strong ethics (no financial gain from tobacco or arms sales)
    - Multi-sectoral collaboration: innovative inclusion of collaborators from different sectors (business, academic, medical/public health, arts).
    - Innovation: Challenging assumptions and new approaches to building multidimensional models for sexual health.
    - Inclusive:  Promoting humanistic sexual health services.
    - Diversity: Promote inclusive partnerships and anti-discrimination policies.
    - Open access: sharing the rewards of innovation with others.
    - Social Value: Delivering measurable, value-added social outcomes.