Current SESH Team Members

Co-Founder and Chair of Advisory Committee

Joseph D. Tucker, MD, PhD, AM

SESH Manager and Advisory Committee Member

Weiming Tang, MD, PhD

SESH Implementation Team      

Shufang Wei, Communication Director

Huanyu Bao, Administrator

SESH Postdocs and Faculty Advisors  

Fan Yang, PhD

Dan Wu, PhD
Fengying Liu, MD
Stephen Pan, PhD
Hongyun Fu, PhD
Chongyi Wei, DrPH

Larry Han , Director of Strategy 

SESH Research Assistants:

Yehua Wang, MPH

Yuan Xiong, MS

Yang Zhao, MS

Jiayu He, MPH

Wenting Huang, MS

Amy Lee, BS

Tom Fitzpatrick ,MD

SESH Students:

Alice Zhang -Medical student at University of Maryland School of Medicine
Gabi Stein – Undergraduate Student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Larry Han – Schwarzman Scholar at Tsinghua University
Maya Durvasula – Undergraduate Student at Duke University
Siyan Meng – Masters Student at Boston University
Philip Zhang – Medical Student at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School Of Medicine
Wilson Guo – Undergraduate Student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Lucy Best – Undergraduate Student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Henry Feng – Undergraduate Student at Duke University
Julia Watson – Medical Student at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Katherine Li  Medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College

Bingyao Huang– Masters Student at South China Normal University

Nancy Yang -- Medical Student at University of Minnesota Medical School - Twin Cities

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Past SESH Team Members

Cedric Bien – Medicine resident, Montefiore
David Schaffer -Medical Student at UNC
Jessica Mao – OBGYN resident at Johns Hopkins
John Best – Neurology resident at University of Pennsylvania
Julie Kim – Community Organizer at NYC’s Mayor Office of Immigrant Affairs
Kathrine Meyers – China Director at Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
Krystal Zhang – Research Assistant at Hong Kong Baptist University
Lai Sze Tso – Postdoctoral Fellow at MIT
May Tangthanasup – Research Assistant in Guangdong Province
Ramon Lee – Recent graduate and current research coordinator at Harvard Medical School
Rosa Cui – OBGYN resident at Columbia University
Songyuan Tang – Professor of Public Health at Kunming Medical University
Terrence Wong – Medical student at UNC
Yilu Qin -  Medicine resident at Yale

Bolin Cao – Assistant Professor at Shenzhen University

Chuncheng Liu – PhD student in sociology and science studies at UCSD

Rong Fu - Research Coordinator at Guangzhou CDC

Xiayan Liu -  Project Director

Yu Zhang- Acting Director 

Ye Zhang-  Research Assistant

SESH Advisory Team

Ben Cheng

Ben Cheng is managing director of Pangaea Global AIDS Foundation where he has been involved with all aspects of strategic planning, organizational development, and growth of global multi-sectoral HIV partnerships. Previously, he directed several collaborative HIV research projects, including at PATH as Director for Advocacy & Communications, the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research, and Project Inform. He has advised numerous committees and panels, including the FDA Blood Products Committee, DAIDS/NIAID/NIH Therapeutic Data and Safety Monitoring Board, WHO Infant Diagnosis Working Group, NIH Rapid HIV Test Working Group, Pediatric Formulation Initiative and the Executive Committee of the International Partnership for Microbicides Scientific Advisory Board.

Dr. Rosanna Peeling

Rosanna Peeling is Professor and Chair of Diagnostics Research at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. She is an authority on novel STD/HIV diagnostic technology and how this technology can be most effectively scaled up in low- and middle-income settings.  Trained as a medical microbiologist, she was the Research Coordinator and Head of Diagnostics Research at the UNICEF/UNDP/World Bank/WHO Special Programme on Research and Training in Tropical Diseases (TDR) in Geneva, Switzerland, and the Chief of the Canadian National Laboratory for Sexually Transmitted Diseases before assuming her current position. She recently completed a seven nation study supported by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation focused on implementing novel point-of-care syphilis tests and evaluating their cost-effectiveness.

Dr. Kevin Fenton

Kevin Fenton is Director of Health and Wellbeing at Public Health England and Honorary Professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. In this role he oversees PHE’s national prevention programmes including screening for cancer and other conditions, Health Checks, public mental health, sexual and reproductive health, and a range of wellbeing programmes for infants, youth, adults and older adults. 

Dr. Joseph Tucker

Joseph Tucker is an infectious disease physician and social scientist focused on improving sexual health services in China.  He started sexual health research in China 14 years ago and has maintained this substantive research interest through medical school, internal medicine residency, infectious disease fellowship, and a Masters in East Asian Studies.  He leads an NIH R01 research grant, a D43 training grant, and mentors graduate students and postdocs undertaking sexual health research in the region.  He co-founded SESH in 2011.

Dee Poon

Dee Poon graduated from Harvard College in 2004 with a BA in philosophy, and is currently the Chief Brand Officer of PYE, a premium shirting brand at the Esquel Group. Dee is an enthusiast for philanthropic contributions and creative enterprises’ work, and she currently serves on the boards of the China Arts Foundation (Beijing & New York), Teach for China (Beijing) and the Esquel – Y.L. Yang Education Foundation (Hong Kong).  She is a member of the Advisory Committee of Harvard University Asia Center (Cambridge, MA) and the International Council of The Museum of Modern Art (New York). Before joining Esquel, Dee was an Editor-at-Large for iLook Magazine and a featured columnist for Modern Weekly. She was listed on Forbes Asia’s “12 to Watch” list in 2013.

Samuel Galler

Samuel Galler is a DPhil student at Oxford University studying the intersection of NGOs, technology, and HIV in China. He directed SESH in 2013 for its initial phase in Hong Kong, helping to map out the system of stakeholders and decision-makers for STD testing, sexual education, and sexual health program financing. He has an MA and BA in East Asian Studies from Harvard University, and did research at Tsinghua University examining the relationships between international funding organizations and grassroots HIV NGOs in China.

Weiming Tang

Weiming Tang is the manager for SESH Global. He received his Ph.D. in epidemiology from the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and his M.D. and M.S. in Epidemiology and Biostatistics from Nanjing Medical University (China). His work focuses on STI control and prevention strategies in China, and he has previously worked on Chinese government HIV/AIDS and syphilis surveillance and control initiatives. He is currently a research assistant professor at the UNC Chapel Hill School of Medicine and assistant director for UNC-Project China at UNC Chapel Hill.