Reviews and Practical Guides

Systematic review of innovation design contests for health: spurring innovation and mass engagement. read more

Ethical Concerns of and Risk Mitigation Strategies for Crowdsourcing Contests and Innovation Challenges: Scoping Review. read more

Randomized Controlled Trials and Protocols

Crowdsourcing HIV Test Promotion Videos: A Non-Inferiority Randomized Controlled Trial in China.    read more

Crowdsourcing health communication about condom use in men who have sex with men in China: a randomised controlled trialread more

Crowdsourcing to promote HIV testing among MSM in China: study protocol for a stepped wedge randomized controlled trial. read more

Comparing the effectiveness of a crowdsourced video and a social marketing video in promoting condom use among Chinese men who have sex with men: a study protocol. read more​​

Qualitative Studies

Innovation contests to promote sexual health in China: a qualitative evaluation. read more

Crowdsourcing and community engagement: a qualitative analysis of the 2BeatHIV contest. read more

Observational Studies:

Wisdom of the Crowds: Crowd-Based Development of a Logo for a Conference Using a Crowdsourcing Contest.  read more

Creative Contributory Contests to Spur Innovation in Sexual Health: 2 Cases and a Guide for Implementation.      read more

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