Creative Contributory Contests (CCCs)

Creative Contributory Contests (CCCs) are a form of crowdsourcing focused on engaging many individuals to contribute creative knowledge towards a public good.  CCCs can be used to generate fresh perspectives for advocacy and service delivery, design images and videos, and make mobile apps or other technologies. 



Creative contributory contests (CCC) to spur innovation in sexual health: Two cases and a guide for implementation. Zhang Y, Kim JA, Liu F, Tso L, Tang W, Wei C, Bayus B, Tucker JD. 2015. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 42:625-628.

This article provides two case examples in using crowdsourcing contests for health and then implementation advice.

Systematic review of innovation design contests for health: spurring innovation and mass engagement. Pan SW, Stein G, Bayus B, Tang W, Mathews A, Wang C, Wei C, Tucker JD. 2017. BMJ Innovations. 3:227-237. 

This systematic review examines innovation design contests to improve public health.

Crowdsourcing innovation: Changing the world one idea at a time. Rob Wilmot. TEDxKrakow. 6 August, 2015.

This 10-minute TED talk discusses crowdsourcing generally and in a medicine context.


The craft of incentive prize design. Mitchell J, Parker A, Joshi S, Goldhammer J, Anderson B;  Deloitte, 2014.

This overview provides a range of practical advice on how to structure challenge contest prizes, incentivize participation, and achieve social impact.

“And the winner is…”: Philanthropists and governments make prizes count. McKinsey & Company. 2009.

This helpful review examines challenge contests to achieve social goals, including but not limited to health.

US Health and Human Services Open Innovation. 2017.

This US government website provides tips for organizing public sector prizes, hackathons, crowdsourcing activities, and related events.

The Wisdom of Crowds: Why the Many are Smarter than the Few. Surowiecki, J. Doubss. 2004.

This primer examines the wisdom of crowds in a wide variety of contexts. A classic introduction to the general field, with a business focus.

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Organizing a CCC requires careful consideration of the target crowd, the call for proposals, the incentives to contribute, the composition of the multi-sectoral team of judges and organizers, in-person promotion events, and mechanisms for sustaining engagement. 

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