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The 2BeatHIV project is part of a 5 year, NIH funded grant focused on examining the social and ethical aspects of research on curing HIV. We launched a series of crowdsourcing contests to get best community-based ideas on how to improve community engagement for HIV cure research. Community engagement is key to responsible HIV cure research because of pre-existing issues with HIV-related stigma, mistrust, and miscommunication between community members and scientists. Our team used social media, celebrity endorsements, in-person events, and partnerships with community-based organizations to promote the contests and encourage dialogue about HIV cure research. The first contest, “What does HIV cure mean to you?” solicited entries from the US and China. Findings from this contest were presented at the International AIDS Society Meeting in Durban, South Africa. Visit 2BeatHIV.org(http://2beathiv.org/) for more information).

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