“Sex + Health” Image Crowdsourcing Contest (Guangzhou, Hong Kong)
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SESH Global launched the “Sex + Health” image contest to engage youth as part of World AIDS Day 2014. Now the most common HIV transmission route in the Pearl River Delta is unsafe sex, however there are still many taboos about discussing sexual health, especially among youth.The purpose of this contest was to involve young people in discussions about the meaning of sexual health and promote sexual health among youth. A distinguished panel of local authorities (including HIV-infected, youth, doctors, and LGBT individuals) judged the entries. On World AIDS Day, we displayed the images at a public venue. Winning images were promoted via social media through partnering regional, national, and international organizations. Our crowdsourced image from the sexual health image contest was so compelling that public health authorities in Guangdong Province bought the rights to the image and scaled it up among 121 clinics across the province (Zhang et al. )

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