How social media is helping gay Chinese men fight HIV
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Gay men in China are more likely to take HIV tests if they are shown images and videos from crowdsourced social media campaigns, a group of international researchers has concluded.

HIV infection rates are increasing among sexually active gay men in China, yet testing rates remain relatively low because of a lack of awareness and a fear of coming forward due to the social stigma that still surrounds homosexuality in much of the country, the study found.
But the survey of 1,200 sexually active gay men in eight Chinese cities concluded that they were significantly more likely to do so once they had been exposed to health awareness campaigns that had been developed with the help of local gay communities.

The South China Morning Post has written an article about how crowdsourced campaigns help Chinese gay men fight HIV.
Please visit: https://www.scmp.com/news/china/society/article/2161858/how-social-media-helping-gay-chinese-men-fight-hiv to get the full article.

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