Pay-It-Forward has one person receive a gift (an STD test), then asks the same person if they would like to give a gift (STD test) to another person, generating a forward cascade of kindness. For patients, Pay-It-Forward offer them free STD testing, increase engagement in health and give them a sense of care and community belonging. For hospitals and government, Pay-It-Forward is a low cost way to expand STD screening in gay men, reaches first-time testers and boost healthy testing behavior. For businesses, Pay-It-Forward can help businesses access to a network of gay men invested in their sexual health and engaged in their communities, gain trust from the gay community.

Want to know more? Check how we digitizing Pay-it-Forward process here
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Reboot Youth Health & Wellbeing Digital Awards

On 7 July, 2020 the winners were announced live by WHO Director-General Dr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and PIF was one of the only two winners. Congratulations to our SESH amazing PIF team: Fan Yang, Dan Wu, Weiming Tang and Tiange Philip Zhang. Dr,Fan Yang on behalf of the PIF team pitched their idea to thousands of virtual attendees worldwide and engage in an interesting Q&A session with Dr Tedros and event attendees covering issues including health and wellbeing, digital innovation, and the role of young people in shaping health outcomes.
This overview provides a range of practical advice on how to design challenge competition rewards, incentivize participation, and achieve social impact.
The article provides some reference for actions to design a challenge competition to reach social goals and is not limited to the health field.
The site is part of the official U.S. government website and offers advice on organizing public sector awards, hackathons, crowdsourcing events and related actions.
This primer examines the power of group wisdom in a variety of contexts and is a classic introduction focusing on the business of the general field.