HIV Partner Services Designathon

⊗ Open call Description

The aim of this competition is to design an intervention kit to promote HIV partner notification among gay men to help those at risk to get tested for HIV in a timely manner.

 Intervention kit requirements

 1. Target group: For newly identified gay men who are HIV positive
 2.  Intervention method: It must be suitable for direct peer-to-peer intervention (both online and offline)
 3.  Intervention scenario: For newly identified HIV-positive partners, please design a complete intervention package to encourage, guide and help them to inform their partners (including informing them of their infection status and guiding them to get tested for HIV).
 4. Intervention principles: Intervention programmes should be person-centred, voluntary, safe to inform and supportive of positive partners.
 5. Intervention format: Intervention materials can be organised according to the intervention programme involved. The intervention package can be in the form of videos, posters, publicity graphics, interactive web pages, etc. It can be either directly targeted at positive partners or used by positive partners for partner notification.

 Programme presentation

A specific programme + an infographic (infographic) + a video (to encourage production) Final presentation: 10-15 minutes (including 2 minutes of Q&A)

⊗ Judging criteria

  1.  Innovativeness: whether the intervention package is innovative
  2.  Feasibility: whether the intervention package is feasible to implement and replicate
  3.  Empathy: whether the intervention package is person-centred, empathises with the informant and emphasises the positive effect of sex partner notification on the informant
  4.  Acceptability: whether the intervention package is acceptable to the target group
  5.  Impact: whether the intervention package has the potential to have social impact

He is the Deputy Director of the Institute of Artificial Intelligence for Medical Applications of the Second People's Hospital of Guangdong Province and Deputy Chief Physician. Prior to that, he worked in the AIDS Prevention and Control Department of the Guangzhou Centre for Disease Control and Prevention and has over 10 years of research and practical experience in AIDS prevention and control, and has twice participated in and won Seth's offline creative marathon competition.
Kaka has been working in the field of HIV prevention and treatment since 2005, and has been serving the MSM community since then. In the same year, the Jinan Rainbow Centre was established to run the organisation and serve the target population in various areas such as organisation building, HIV testing promotion, peer education and social advocacy. To date, the Jinan Rainbow Centre has independently undertaken nearly 60 projects on HIV-related issues from international and domestic sources, serving over 17,000 target groups. As the head of the organisation, she has accumulated a wealth of experience in frontline work and community work perspectives.

Huang Haojie is the head of Wuhan LGBT Centre, a member of Wuchang District Youth Federation, a Grade 2 social worker and has been working on AIDS prevention and treatment for eleven years.

Li Hui, has been engaged in AIDS prevention and treatment for 15 years and psychological counselling for 8 years. He is the head of the AIDS Prevention and Control Section of the Center for Disease Prevention and Control of Jinan City, the director of the Shandong AIDS Prevention and Control Association, the deputy director of the Chinese medicine teacher, the national level 2 psychological counselor, the member of the Chinese Psychological Counselor Association and the national intermediate social work teacher.
Luo Danyang has nine years of experience in the LGBT/HIV field. 2011-2019, he worked at Smart Tong Guangzhou LGBT Centre, where he gained extensive experience in sexual health education and HIV prevention and control, and has led and participated in the establishment of Smart Tong's Friendship and Homosexuality Clinic, influencing sex education policies and fundraising. 2019 to 2020, he was selected as an Obama Scholar to complete a one-year study at the University of Chicago of public policy studies and earned a master's degree with honors. He is now primarily involved in research on LGBT/HIV, while also continuing his involvement in frontline community work.
Qian Xiaotuan, Chinese U=U promoter
GS Le Point Non-Fiction Writer
Participant of GLACA "HUG Project" in the same city
Helping Hands Group Pasty Peer Group Director General
Xu Huifang, Chief Physician, Executive Director of the Guangdong Association of STD and AIDS Prevention and Control, formerly Head of the AIDS Prevention and Control Department of the Guangzhou Centre for Disease Prevention and Control, has been involved in AIDS prevention and control for over 30 years.

Dapeng Zhang, PhD in Epidemiology, Researcher. Vice President of Health Practice at Blue City Brothers. He has been practicing in the field of HIV prevention and treatment for nearly 20 years and has a deep understanding of HIV interventions for high-risk groups, HIV testing promotion and pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis, and community organization involvement.