China Sexual Health Service Promotion Creativity Competition for People Aged 50 and above

Sexual Health Service Promotion Creativity Competition for People Aged 50 and above in China

SESH"Crowdsourcing"Competition invites you to join us!
New propositions、new ideas and generous rewards are waiting for you!
Collection time:Nov.29,2022——Feb.10,2023
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The broad meaning of sexual health covers the physical、emotional、psychological and social aspects related to sex.Sexual health refers to a state of "comprehensive" health at all levels above.
This crowdsourcing creativity competition focuses on sexual health services for people aged 50 and above,including relatively marginalized groups formed by the intersection of sexual orientation and disability factors.
"Crowdsourcing"refers to the whole process in which groups work together to solve specific problems and integrate solutions derived from creativity to serve the public.Crowdsourcing usually takes the form of open competition.
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Based on the above background,SESH(North Carolina China Project Office),together with Guangzhou Nansha Center for Disease Control and Prevention,launched the "Creative Competition for Sexual Health Services for People Aged 50 and above in China“ to solicit ideas or programs that can promote sexual health services for this population.
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The theme of the works can be one of the following(not limited to)

When you go to see doctor if encountering some common sexual health problems(such as female vaginitis,male prostatitis,HIV prevention and testing,etc.).What obstacles do you have in this process and what suggestions do you have for improvement?
Relevant factors hindering the improvement of sexual health services of this population in daily life.

Ideas or programs that promote HIV testing in this population.

In terms of improving sexual health services,what obstacles do non-heterosexual groups aged 50 and above encounter and what suggestions do they have for improvement?
In terms of improving sexual health services,what obstacles do disabled people aged 50 and above encounter and what suggestions are made for improvement?
What are the suggestions for improving the promotional materials,activities and forms of sexual health services for people aged 50 and above?


   1. Format requirements of works
a.Scheme draft
Within 1000 words, closely related to the theme of the collection.
b. Pictures,photos,posters
The images are in gif、png、jpg or bmp format,and the size is limited to 4M. We hope you can submit an auxiliary text description attachment with detailed stuff and scheme background.
c.Audio and video
Audio should be limited to 3 minutes. The video takes less than 1 minute and the size is limited to 20M.
    2. The work is practical and feasible, and can be used to improve sexual health services for people aged 50 and above.

3. All submitted materials and information must be original.

4. The competition aims to improve the sexual health services of people aged 50 and above. The works should adhere to the principles of equality, friendship, respect and non-judgment, and there should be no relevant discrimination or stigmatization in the works.

5. This competition is allowed to submit works in the name of individuals or teams: the submitted articles must be original works of the contestants and plagiarize. Violators will be disqualified from awarding and will reserve the right to pursue responsibility. (Note: The works selected by the contestants shall not infringe the copyright, portrait right, reputation right, privacy right and other legitimate rights and interests of others.)

6. Participants can submit multiple works, but they need to clearly indicate the participating members of each work.

7. The copyright and final interpretation right of the work belong to SESH.


One first prize:2000 yuan in cash
Two second prize:1000 yuan in cash
Five third prize :500 yuan in cash
Participation prize:random red packets(40,only for qualified works, the amount of red packets:10-20yuan), works can be awarded after passing the preliminary screening review.


Deadline for soliciting works: Feb.10,2023
Award announcement time:Feb.20,2023——Feb.24,2023

Scoring criteria

The scoring standard of works is divided into four dimensions, namely, innovation, acceptance, implementation feasibility and cost-benefit feasibility.

1. Innovation:whether the works has innovation points( scheme innovation, design innovation,etc.) .
2.Acceptance: whether the works can be accepted by target group.
3. Implementation feasibility: whether the works is feasible for implementation and promotion.
4. Influence: whether the works has  potential social influence.

Works Submission

1、Scan the QR code in the figure below to fill in a short questionnaire and submit your works, which means you have successfully registered to participate in the competition.

2、Add WeChat Seshllc submission.

3、Collect and mail to the organizer.
Mobile number: 13302391532
Location: 1616, East Building, Laogan Building, No. 7,Lujing Road,Yuexiu District,Guangzhou. 

4、Submit through the co-organize or community partner.

Contact us

If you hanve any questions, please contact Xiaosai WeChat “seshllc" or call Xiaosai's mobile phone number 13302391532. You can also email( Please specify or indicate "the mass package competition for people aged 50 and above + name" when contacting.

Executive Committee

Public health/behavioral science/sexual health experts
Ligang Yang(male)
 Dermatology Hospital of Southern Medical University
Quality of diagnosis and treatment
Huifang Xu(female)
Guangdong Association for the Prevention and Control of STD and AIDS
Prevention and Control perspective
Disease Control/AIDS Association
Lin Du(female)
 Guangdong Association for the Prevention and Control of STD and AIDS 
Prevention and control perspective
Fang Fang(female)
Nansha District Center for Disease Control and Prevention AIDS Department
Prevention and control perspective
Laogan University,etc.
Qinlu Yang(female)
 Guangdong Laogan University
Community members
Pluralistic groups
Xiansheng Liu(male)
 Oral History Guangzhou Old Men
Community members
Weiqi Han(female)
Relevant Researchers
Cong Cai(female)
One Plus One Disabled Public Welfare Group
Disability and SRHR Advocates
Hui Li(female)
Yuekang Social Worker
Mainly serve the disabled who are injured at work
Longxi Wang(female)
Trinity Foundation
Sexual Health and Public Welfare Associate
Weiming Tang(male)
 Dermatology Hospital of Southern Medical University
Dan WU(female)
Hua Xi medical college of Sichuan University
Huachun Zou(male)
School of Public Health, Zhong Shan University(Shen Zhen)
Long Ren(male)