Doctor Friendly Product Idea and List Call for Entries Competition Call for Entries

Purpose of the campaign

Gay men are at a higher risk of contracting HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and disparities in the quality of care and potential social discrimination make access to medical care more of a concern for gay men. For this reason, we hope to design a friendly medical service platform for the gay male population, which will provide a more comfortable, safe and convenient guide to STI and HIV medical services for gay men by gathering a community of gay-friendly doctors. The competition aims to make more people truly understand AIDS, know how to prevent and treat it, and courageously reject discrimination. At the same time, through the bottom-up demand collection, users will be involved in the design of the product, so as to better protect the health of the gay male population.

Event Description

Event themeDoctor Friendly Product Creative Design CompetitionPrize competition for the list of friendly doctors
Call for entries

Call for product name, slogan, logo design, functional requirements and design suggestionsCall for list of friendly doctors, criteria for and related stories
Target groupAll people in the Shenzhen areaGay men in the Shenzhen area

Up to $2,000 in prizes to be wonEnter for a chance to win a bonus pack

Call closes on 25 March 2018
Online voting

Online voting for the competition takes place from 1-25 March 2018No online voting session
Judging time

26 March - 15 April 2018

Call for entries

(1) The call for entries includes copywriting, design and functional categories. You can submit work in any one or more of these categories, and it is recommended that you design a series of matching boards that incorporate your design ideas throughout. No need to worry about having no design foundation or relevant experience, as long as you have a good idea you can quickly participate.
  • Copywriting category: design product names and slogans that reflect the positioning of the product and are easy to understand and spread.
  • Visual Category: Design the product logo, either by hand or by software, the size of the uploaded work should be limited to 5MB, and the upload format should be png/ gif/ jpg/ jpeg/ bmp etc.
  • Functionality: The functional requirements and design suggestions of the product, such as the functions the product should have, the types of diseases the product should involve, the communication mode between doctors and patients, the payment mode of the product, etc. You may refer to, but not limited to, the above directions, and express them in text form, and the word count should be limited to 300 words.

(2) Participants must ensure the originality of the work provided, once the work is found to be plagiarised or plagiarised, the entry will be disqualified. 

(3) The rights to the work belong to the competition.


There are nine prizes, divided into overall prizes (entrants must submit entries in all categories to qualify) and individual prizes, which cannot be won in combination with each other.

Call for entries type

In the following three items, you should fill in at least the criteria for the ideal friendly doctor and should also ensure the authenticity of the information provided.
(1) List of doctors: A list of friendly doctors and reasons for recommendation, with personal experience of the recommended doctors, should be limited to 100 words or less.
(2) Friendly criteria: ideal friendly doctor criteria, word count should be limited to 100 words.
(3) Related stories: Stories related to friendly doctors, word count should be limited to 300 words.


Anyone who participates in this call for entries and whose information meets the requirements of the campaign will receive a cash bonus. At the same time, we will select 50 contributors based on the richness and completeness of the information filled in, and the winners will receive a beautiful gift.

Judges for the open call

The judges of the competition are experts in the field of public health, the visual director of Blued and the head of the gay community in Shenzhen

Officials of the open call    
1. Organizer: Shenzhen Nanshan District Chronic Disease Control Hospital & Shenzhen University School of Communication Friendly Doctor Team
2. Co-organiser: Shenzhen II.5.8 Rainbow Care Men's Service Centre

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