Flu vaccine winning entry

First Prize

Multiple Layers of Protection by Zheng Chunhua
This creation is based on the theme of influenza vaccination, using the image of "shield" and "umbrella" based on their own functional characteristics, shield-the function of defence, blocking, umbrella-the function of rain, shade and the combination of influenza vaccination, emphasising the functional characteristics of influenza vaccination, its importance and the popularisation of related knowledge, through which, we hope to do our bit for society and help promote the influenza vaccination.
Second Prize

The Shield Author: A big cake
This is a poster that can be shown to children with a sense of affection, using children's drawings as inspiration to bring children and the elderly closer together. I believe that when the elderly and children in a family are vaccinated against influenza, the family will have a shield and the outside world will not be able to interfere with the warmth of the family. So, as my title suggests: flu vaccine - a protective shield for a family.
Vaccination, It Starts with You and Me Author: Liu Xinhui
To educate the public about the age groups most in need of vaccination, for the good of life and the health of their own bodies, vaccination and peace of mind for everyone.
Third Prize

What do you know about the flu vaccine?
Author: Wei Junxuan
The four slogans focus on the role of the vaccine (the first slogan is based on the annual buzzword "riding the wave", following the trend and attracting the attention of the public. The four slogans focus on the role of the vaccine in protecting the health of children, the elderly and the public, and call on the public to get vaccinated against influenza to protect themselves and their families.

1. 幸福人生健康至上,流感疫苗助您乘风破浪。
2. 流感疫苗及时接种,守护儿童立即行动。
3. 百善之首,以孝为先;流感疫苗,助老安康。
4. 一针流感疫苗,一份自爱安心。
The Year of the Flu Author:Suda
This Poetry aims to promote the flu vaccine and describes the difference between the flu and the common cold and the need for flu vaccination.

Award of Excellence

Flu Vaccination - A Child's Power Society's Responsibility
Author: Lao Fu
According to the latest WHO information, influenza epidemics can lead to a large number of cases each year, mostly mild, with about 5-10% of adults and 20-30% of children suffering from influenza each year worldwide, resulting in 3-5 million severe cases and 290,000-650,000 deaths. This shows that, especially for children, influenza is still a major threat to their health. Coupled with the fact that children have little sense of self-protection, it is a social responsibility and a child's right to be well protected by getting them vaccinated against influenza. With the vaccination, children's bodies will produce antibodies to the flu virus and will be well placed to fight themselves in the event of a seasonal flu outbreak. This is like preemptively lifting the virus, making the flu virus much less of a threat to children and thus defeating the virus.
Vaccination Against Influenza by Nie Shuguang
Most people are currently limited by their knowledge base related to influenza and know even less about the flu vaccine. This work is a limerick that aims to popularise knowledge related to flu vaccination, enhance the trust of the Chinese public in the safety of the flu vaccine and contribute to the promotion of flu vaccination among the elderly and children groups. This little poem rhymes, is easy to remember, and has a clear and convincing theme.

Author: Want a piece of bread
This poem and poster describes the difference between flu and colds and persuades people to get vaccinated.

Poster series on "Preventing Influenza, Blessing Health
Author: Lao Fu
Early Prevention Early Vaccination
Author: The years are quiet and the present is peaceful
The combination of illustrations and text gives the reader a more visual sense of the importance of flu vaccination. The colour scheme is green and white to create a clean and simple picture.  
Vaccination is the main measure to prevent influenza and we should consciously go to the hospital to get vaccinated to reduce the risk of developing the disease. It really is about early vaccination and prevention and early scheduling.

Taking Care of Your Health with the Flu Vaccine
Author: Guo Juan
Regular influenza vaccination is the most effective way to prevent influenza.
By promoting the benefits of vaccination - effectively preventing influenza, reducing the chance of catching influenza and alleviating influenza symptoms - and encouraging influenza vaccination for key populations, we promote public care for the health of the elderly and children.