Healthy City, Better Future

Health is closely related to us, and a healthy China cannot be separated from a healthy city.

A healthy city, a good life!        

But is our city healthy? Is our life good? Air pollution, noise pollution, traffic congestion, stressful living and other urban diseases continue to affect the physical and mental health of residents.        
What is wrong with our cities?        
What kind of healthy cities do we need?        
What can we do to build healthy cities?        

The awareness of urban health among the Chinese public is gradually increasing, and more and more people are taking an interest in the topic of healthy cities and contributing their ideas to the practice of building healthy cities.        
This could be a spreadable paragraph reminding the public of the health of the city, a picture encouraging recycling, or a video calling for local organisations to take action.

Recognising the immense creativity of the masses, we are holding an open creative competition to pool ideas to help create a healthy city in China. During the competition's entry submission period (5 weeks), participants can submit text, images and video entries. The judging process was divided into two parts: the first part was a public judging process, in which each entry that met the rules of the competition was reviewed by four or more public judges; the second part was a joint multi-sectoral judging process, in which a panel of distinguished experts, scholars, local citizens, as well as The Lancet and Tsinghua University, judged the entries based on their creativity, feasibility and impact. 
The enthusiasm of the entrants was overwhelming and we felt a great sense of concern for urban health and recognition and support for the competition. We received 449 entries from 142 cities across China and 45,160 visits to the official website (in 4 weeks). The competition organising committee selected 55 of the most representative entries, which not only provided a new perspective on how people view healthy cities, but more importantly, practised a new model of public participation in healthy cities. We hope that this competition will provide new inspiration on how to engage the public in building a healthy city.

Winning entries

First Prize

Advocating Low Carbon Living, Sharing the Blue Sky and Water" Zhang Xingxing

Second Prize

Changing the Passive to Active Recycling of Garbage", Wang Wei

Awe and Prayer in the Heart of Hands", Li Shuai

A Healthy City: A Clean Space, A Pleasant Experience" by Wang Lan

Third Prize

Rejecting Disposable Pollution" Zhong Lanlan

Dream of the Factory" Liu Xiaoyi

Saving Paper, Saving Nature", Zhou Zuoli

Protecting the City, Retaining Civilisation' Li Xuemei

The City of Light" by Chen Yunan

Merit Award.

The Ideal City in My Mind' by Zou Zhengbiao

The Fetus-The City' by Zhu Yilin

The City for a Healthier Life' Fang Qingyun and Gao Zhou

A Green Future, A Joyful Life" Lakewood (Luo Juan and Qiao Wenjia)

The Healthy City in My Eyes" by Cheng Huizhi

The Same Haidian, Different pm2.5" Lu Feng

Healthy City, Healthy Changsha" Yuan Jingxia and Jiang Jingshu

The Hourglass of the Manosphere", Wang Wenjing

Promoting Public Transport for a Healthy City' Yan Lin

Hao Cheng, "A Healthy City for a Better Life

A Healthy City for a Better Life-A Three-dimensional Modeling of Urban Planning", Yan Wenyong

A Long Time Later Yang Rui Rui

A Vision of Healthy Cities by Yuan Bo

The Cellular City by Dai Zhen

Memories of a Big City and a Small City by Lin Dan

Li Dongyu, The Smart City of Health

Healthy City, Benefit You and Me" by Liu Tiantian

The Heart City', Wang Tingyu

Building a Healthy City with Building Blocks" by Wu Qiaochu

The Healthy City in My Heart" by Kang Siqian

Song Chao, "Sharing the Wind and Bicycles

Nurturing" by Chen Zhihao

Drops of the City' Yuan Guangshu, Yao Yifei and Zhao Chenyu

Dreams and Realities" by Zhang Yuanhou

Building a Healthy City in a Systematic Way", Tian Kun

Creating a Healthy City Together", Ba Zhichen

What's Wrong with the City? Is It Sick?" Guo Jieqiong

The Harmonious Beauty of a Healthy City", Jin Mengling

City ECG' Du Yushi

Aftertaste (Box)", Lai Yao

The "Taiji City"-A City's Health Emergence" Han Yimeng

The Green Construction of a Healthy City-Designing Old Schools for Renovation" Xiao Xuewen

A Healthy City, A Brighter Future" by Zhao Wen

This is the Way You Should Be" by Qin Meng

An Innovative "X" Shaped City, Giving You a Different Temperature" Huang Zhendong

Healthy City, Green Travel" by Zhong Lanlan

A Healthy City by Guo Wenzhi

Building a Healthy City with Love" by Su Hang

Green, Beautiful》 Chen Meijun

Awakening the Soul of the City' Zhang Chenning

Whither the Healthy City? Sun Yue

A Healthy City", Tong Wenjun

This City is Still Missing You", Ren Dehua

The "Trinity" Healthy Community-The Cornerstone of a Healthy City by Gong Yuanchao

Do you want the "beauty" or the "dross"? Peng Jinwen

The City and Our Health" by Lin Jiaxiao