The 3rd National Student AIDS Prevention Knowledge Contest

Background of the competition

December 1, 2018 is the 31st World AIDS Day. In order to implement the "Health China 2030" plan, further promote the prevention and treatment of AIDS, and implement the "13th Five-Year Plan of Action for Curbing and Preventing AIDS in China", which stipulates "continuously strengthening the publicity and education of key groups" and "urging schools to implement the task of educating students on the prevention of AIDS, and actively playing the role of student associations, youth volunteers and parents. In line with the spirit of the 13th Five-Year Plan of Action to Curb and Prevent AIDS in China, the China Foundation for the Prevention of STDs and AIDS will launch the "3rd National Student AIDS Campaign" from October to December. The Third National AIDS Prevention Knowledge Contest for University Students will be held from October to December. The competition aims to popularise knowledge about AIDS prevention and treatment, improve the ability of university students to resist AIDS, and make a contribution to solving the serious situation of the AIDS epidemic in China.

 Organized by

Organizer: China Foundation for STD and AIDS Prevention
Organizer: Guangdong Dermatological and Venereal Disease Control Centre, Seth China, I Love Competitions
Co-organisers: 1000 university committees/associations nationwide
Security Support: AliCloud
Supporters: Durex, Ali Cloud, Tencent Campus Pioneer, China Jiangsu, Today's Headline, Sina, Sohu, Netease, 172 Campus Activities, etc.

 Event Period

26 October 2018 - 31 December 2018

 Event Target

National university students (including college, undergraduate and postgraduate students)

Activity flow

26 October 2018 - 10 December 2018, contacting universities and recruiting 1,000 university co-organisers (school-level league committees, student unions, Red Cross societies and anti-AIDS societies, which need to sign co-organisation agreements).
3 November 2018, competition launch ceremony and press conference.
1 November 2018 - 30 December 2018, online entry to the competition platform.
1 November 2018 - 30 December 2018, offline thematic promotional activities at universities.
31 December 2018, publication of results by universities.
First, second and third prize certificates to be sent to each university by 15 January 2019.

 Competition details

This year's competition adopts a combination of online knowledge competition and offline activities on the theme of HIV prevention to popularise knowledge of HIV prevention. The organising committee will invite experts and leaders from local CDC departments to participate in offline activities.
The online quiz will cover basic knowledge of HIV and AIDS prevention, while offline universities will carry out a variety of activities to prevent HIV, including but not limited to staging publicity, distributing publicity materials, performing arts, offline lectures, public service volunteering and community volunteering.
Details of the online knowledge competition.
1. Quiz website:  
2. Region
The competition is open to all students, undergraduates and postgraduates nationwide.
3. Entry process
1 November to 30 December 2018. Students can log in to the competition platform to enter via PC, WAP or WeChat: they can log in to their online account on the official website via QQ with one click and enter their real name, school and other information to officially answer the questions and enter. The system will randomly select 50 questions from the question bank, scoring 100 points, including 20 judgment questions, each with 1.5 points, 20 multiple choice questions, each with 2 points, and 10 multiple choice questions, each with 3 points. The answer time is 30 minutes and each user is limited to one answer, so please treasure the opportunity to participate.
Students who complete the questions and score equal to or higher than 60 points will be qualified and will automatically receive an electronic version of the "Certificate of Merit of the Third National Student AIDS Prevention Knowledge Contest" on the question-answering platform, which will be used as proof of internal evaluation and merit assessment and social practice activities. The question-answering system will be closed at 17:00 on 30 December 2018, please download the electronic certificate before that date, as it will not be available for downloading after that date.

 Awards for the competition

1. Judging prizes for the National Competition
There is no grade award in the national competition, and there is no need to have a co-organizer from our university. If you pass the test, you will receive an electronic version of the "Excellent Honor Certificate of the Third National Student AIDS Prevention Knowledge Competition", which can be used as a proof of the school's experience in evaluating awards and social practice activities.
2. Award for each university sub-competition
For universities with co-organizers and more than 200 participants, the first, second and third prizes will be awarded to the top 20 according to the scores of the competition (those with equal scores and less time for answering questions will be ranked first), and the organizing committee of the competition will issue (stamped) paper award certificates together with the co-organizers of each university.
The organising committee will send the award certificates by courier to the co-organisers of the school after the awards have been evaluated, without any charge.
The organising committee will not select the first, second and third prizes for universities with less than 200 participants or without co-organisers.

Award Information  

 Contact details

Official website of the competition:  
Organising Committee Tel: 0551-62566358
Contact: Ms. Wang
QQ consultation: 2538134533 (co-organizer consultation), 2483628021 (individual participation issues consultation)