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Designed for people living with HIV to inform their casual partners on social networking software, the "Voiceover" service works with the CDC, HIV prevention organisations and social networking platforms to provide anonymous and transitional online notification services by default, with the aim of reducing the psychological burden on people living with HIV and their sexual partners. The notification process is carried out by the official accounts of HIV prevention organisations on social media platforms in a conversational and relaxed manner. The process is step-by-step, with the recipient receiving a reminder and link to the HIV test from the HIV prevention organisation's account, and if the recipient receives the reminder and makes a test appointment, the system does not send further messages to avoid anxiety.If the person does not do anything within a week, a formal notification of high risk of HIV infection will be sent, urging the person to get tested.

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The programme is designed on the basis of practical work experience and considers the informing process to be more of a pre-determined process with a number of factors overlapping. There is a certain degree of controllability. Combined with the experience of working with HIV in the community, a library of factors is created and different factors are given different scores, with higher scores meaning greater implementability. Pre-judgement with a composite score. Establish a follow-up library to ensure that the work can be closed when informed.

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During HIV testing for key populations, it is not uncommon to encounter HIV-infected patients who are hesitant to inform their sexual partners. After talking to them, we learnt that most of them would like their partners to be aware of the risk and come forward for testing, but they are more worried about their privacy being exposed and being "held accountable" by their partners, or being embarrassed about telling them directly, especially if the person they are telling is a casual partner or a regular partner who has already ended their relationship. If the person being told is a casual partner or a regular partner who has ended the relationship. The aim of this programme is to create a channel that protects the privacy of the informant, and to reduce their fears of exposure in an indirect way,in order to facilitate partner notification.

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The programme focuses mainly on advice on how to inform, using the closeness of the relationship with the sexual partner as a criterion for differentiating between ways of informing. A slogan encouraging information is included at the end.

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The main theme of this work is a plan for a responsible infected person to inform his sexual partner or partners in the way he would like to be informed.

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This programme is designed for boyfriend and spouse type fixed partners only

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When a person living with HIV informs a sexual partner, gets tested and starts treatment in a timely manner, it can extend the life expectancy of the partner by xx years and prevent at least xx people from being infected. Please thank him for his responsibility and for fulfilling his duty to inform and for his contribution to ending the AIDS epidemic in 2030

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Sexual Partner Information Facilitator Project

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A proposal for a carrier's perspective on the duty to inform sexual partners. It is developed through three directions: problems faced, personal experiences and expectations of community change.


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