2bit HIV
The significance of rehabilitation competitions (Vietnam)
VHATTC-HMU and partners are organising an event in Vietnam on the meaning of recovery for people in recovery from addiction. The main objective of this competition is to collect written entries about personal experiences of recovery from addiction in Vietnam. The finalists' results will be announced on World Hepatitis Day 2017.
China Hepatitis B/C Test Promotion Competition (China)
In 2017, Seth continues to collaborate with the WHO China Office to assist in organising the "2017 China Hepatitis Test Promotion Design Competition", the main objective of the project is to promote hepatitis B/C testing in China by selecting effective promotional materials through a crowdsourcing competition,For details of the competition, please click: Official website of the competition
Sugar No Dump Sexual Health Education (Hong Kong)
Sugar Not Dump is an online sexual health platform for young people in Hong Kong. The aim is to promote sexual health education for young people in Hong Kong by enhancing sexual health knowledge (e.g. contraception and puberty changes) and social skills (e.g. communication skills and relationship building skills). It aims to give young people accurate information and provide a space to discuss sexual health, empowering young people to make their own decisions. This online forum and blog will encourage young people to discuss sexual health. The project is supported by MaD School. The official website of Sugar Not Dump is located at http://www.stickyricelove.com/

2BeatHIV is a five-year NIH-supported project that focuses on examining research related to social and ethical aspects of an HIV cure. We ran a series of crowdsourcing competitions to try to get the best way to promote community involvement in HIV cures based on CBO. Community involvement is a very important factor in the HIV cure process because of the stigma associated with HIV and the mistrust and miscommunication between community members and doctors. Our group retreat uses social networking, celebrity support, face-to-face events and collaboration with the CBO to promote our competitions and encourage the development of relevant research on HIV cures. The winner of each competition is selected by a panel of experts. The first competition, "What does an HIV cure mean to you?" will influence our subsequent activities. The results of this competition will be discussed at the International AIDS Society Symposium in Durban, South Africa. The winning team of the second crowdsourcing competition, Pitch Perfect, has designed an app, 'Aware', dedicated to alerting consumers to research on HIV cures, HIV defences and treatments. The team is now working with experts to design a trial version. Click on 2BeatHIV.org for more details.