Social Innovation Summer Training Workshop

Social Innovation in Health Definitions and Conceptual Frameworks (2)

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Social innovation in health is defined as a community-engaged process that links social change and health improvement, drawing on the diverse strengths of local individuals and institutions. Social innovation contends that having local beneficiaries drive the development of a health program leads to more accountable and sustainable services. (Halpaap et al, Lancet Global Health, 2020)

Date: June 6th, 2023——July 18th2023(between 12pm and 1pm UTC time)

Duration: 60 minutes per week 

Location: Online – Interactive Zoom Session

Fee: None (free)

Program Overview

Our Speakers

Pre-reading materials

Presentation recordings

By Jana Deborah Mier Alpano; 
Jose Rene Bagani Cruz
Crowdsourcing for Social Innovation in Health and Health Research
session 3-screenshot1
Introduction to Human-centered Design
By Liz Chen

qifeiye cover
Share what you saw: Storytelling and Research Dissemination
By Malida Magista; Marvinson Fajardo;
 Mia Hoole; Tina Fourie
Introduction to Implementation Research
By Kathleen Agudelo ; Charlotte Scott

Monitoring and Evaluating Social Innovation
By Uchenna Chukwunonso Ogwaluonye;
Gifty Marley

Crowdfunding for Social Innovation in Health Research

Presentation slide decks

 Social Innovation in Health

 Definitions and Conceptual


 By  Jana Deborah B. Mier-Alpaño;

 Jose Rene Bagani Cruz

 Introduction to

               Implementation Research

               By  Kathleen Agudelo;

                 Charlotte Scott

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