Social Innovation Summer Training Workshop

Social innovation in health is defined as a community-engaged process that links social change and health improvement, drawing on the diverse strengths of local individuals and institutions. Social innovation contends that having local beneficiaries drive the development of a health program leads to more accountable and sustainable services. (Halpaap et al, Lancet Global Health, 2020).

From June 6th to July 18th between 12pm and 1pm UTC time, Social Entrepreneurship to Spur Health (SESH), Social Innovation in Health Initiative (SIHI) and UNC CFAR TechEngage will organize a Social Innovation Summer Training Workshop each Tuesday.

Social innovation fellows and researchers will present one-hour workshops focused on community-engaged research, infectious diseases of poverty, crowdfunding, and related topics.

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Sessions interest
First cohort
Second cohort
June. 6th 
12pm-1pm UTC
Social Innovation in Health:
Definitions and Conceptual Frameworks
Jana Deborah
Mier Alpano
Jose Rene 
Bagani Cruz
Jesson James
Lamin Sambou
Wenjie Shan
June. 13th 
12pm-1pm UTC
Crowdsourcing for Social 
Innovation in Health and Health Research
Emmanuel Ahumuza
Allan Ulitin
Katherine LiEunice Chinazom Jacob
June. 20th 
12pm-1pm UTC
Introduction to
 Human-Centered Design
Liz Chen

Liyuan ZhangAnita Nyarkoa
Per Kåks
June. 27th 
12pm-1pm UTC
Share what you saw: 
An online workshop on storytelling 
and research dissemination
Malida Magista
Marvinson Fajardo
Komang Gde Ardi
Pradnya Septiawan
Linet M. Mutisya
July. 4th
12pm-1pm UTC
Introduction to
 Implementation Research
Kathleen Agudelo
Charlotte Pana Scott
Mary-kate Orji
Ángela Karina
Sarria Caicedo

July. 11th  
12pm-1pm UTC
Monitoring and Evaluating 
Social Innovation
Uchenna Chukwunonso Ogwaluonye
Gifty Marley
Zixuan ZhuKovey Mawuli
July. 18th 
12pm-1pm UTC
Crowdfunding for
 Social Innovation in Health Research
Rayner KJ Tan
Ogechukwu Aribodor
Jackline NanonoNwadiuto
Okwuniru Azugo


Program Overview

TDR/SIHI Resources for the Workshop

Our Speakers

Presentation recordings

Social Innovation in Health: Definitions and Conceptual Frameworks
By Jana Deborah Mier Alpano; Jose Rene Bagani Cruz
Crowdsourcing in Health and Health Research
session 3-screenshot1
Introduction to Human-centered Design
By Liz Chen

qifeiye cover
Share what you saw: Storytelling and research dissemination
By Malida Magista; Marvinson Fajardo;
 Mia Hoole; Tina Fourie
Introduction to Implementation Research
By Kathleen Agudelo ; Charlotte Scott

Monitoring and Evaluating Social Innovation
By Uchenna Chukwunonso Ogwaluonye;
Gifty Marley

Crowdfunding for Social Innovation in Health Research

Presentation slide decks

 Social Innovation in Health

               Definitions and Conceptual                           Frameworks

                By  Jana Deborah B. Mier-Alpaño; 

                Jose Rene Bagani Cruz

 Introduction to Implementation

               By  Kathleen Agudelo;

                 Charlotte Scott

You can also access all the materials through OneDrive or Baidu Netdisk.